To people who don’t like The National

(Firstly, to people who haven’t heard of/heard The National: go and listen to High Violet. I’ll wait.)

What do you mean, you don’t like The National? What kind of monster are you? Have you no human feelings in your tiny body?

If you are an alien, I am very sorry; of course you have no human feelings. But you should still get a bit of The National’s discography all up in your ears, or whatever alien appendages you have for listening with. You’ll note on immediate listen a heightened sense of the wide and beautiful world, with hints of philosophy and melancholy. There be feels here, aliens. Such feels.

People who don’t care for it: get out of my way. What, are you scared of the depths of your own soul? Does the thought of artists sharing their talent leave you cold? Don’t you like music? Don’t you know how to live?

Some people will tell you we’re all allowed to like different music, and that the very scope of it is what makes for such an interesting life. To these people I say, yeah sure, but if you don’t like The National we can’t ever be more than acquaintances. Friendly acquaintances at best.

Droppin’ truth bombs and musical ultimatums on the daily: not sorry.

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