To people who are way better than me at things

I want to be the following things when I grow up:

  1. A paid writer who is wildly successful in some circles and held in high regard in others
  2. A musician who spends time away in a small studio in woods recording and releasing, with very little fanfare, landmark albums of significant brilliance with people who are just “friends from college” who also happen to be significantly brilliant and maybe a bit famous already
  3. An academic who is always working on some research that folks are waiting with baited breath to hear more about, but also finds time to guest lecture at like, Harvard and shit
  4. A consultant who flies in and sorts shit out for all sorts of businesses, so the truly awesome employees are given the space to change the world. Nice hotels and drinks in their lobby bars are required to pull this off. Some of the business are in Europe, some are in New York… heck, some of them are in Melbourne
  5. A homeowner with really good quality appliances that show the wear and tear of a life well lived, nice dogs with good manners and mostly reasonable breath, and housemates who sometimes cook me dinner but not so often that I feel guilty and pressured to reciprocate more than once a month.

That’s the dream, right? I’m only 29 so I do believe somewhere inside my optimistic brain that these things can happen.

Then some fucking 19 year old comes along and plays beautiful tunes and talks about them in her irish accent and I just think fuck it, I’ll be lucky enough to just know some people who have pulled off more than one of these things.

Thanks for such an uplifting thought on a Thursday, you asshole of a child prodigy.

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