To people who do not know the joy of dance

Hey folks! Listen to me!

You should definitely dance. I’m assuming you don’t know about the joy of dance because you’ve never danced ever. That’s weird, first of all. How did you avoid this awkward teenage rite-of-passage that was the occasional gym class bush dance? Maybe you were from the city and bush dances weren’t your thing? Well, just a three word question for ya: Nut Bush City? Brings together the Bush and the City quite well, I’d have thought – a bit of Nut thrown in for good measure.

If this sort of dancing is the very only sort you’ve ever danced, well, have I got a treat for you. Literally any pop song playing on the radio, or on your electronic devices, has been put together specifically to make you want to dance and not think about the deep well of sadness and existential despair inside of you. Like any pop song at all. Get on that! If you feel silly, good! You are silly!

Whether inside of a car or inside of a living room, or in da club, you can really get some fun had by simply turning the volume up and wobbling your wobbly bits. If you don’t have any wobbly bits that’s fine, use your imagination and wobble it instead. Go to town. This is your time.

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