To people on the internet (a long post because of all the so many reasons)

Let me preface this by saying that I respect science lots because it means I get the internet, a car to drive around playing Rihanna really loud and even scotch. Even scotch is from science! So I definitely respect its power. I also like how it gives me power(electrical). However, some people are definitely all “YEAH BUT SCIENCE” and I am not one of those people.

There’s other kinds of power besides electricity.

I’m not getting derailed by science, because I am not a scientist, and I don’t care to get a science degree just to make a point, for there are much more interested parties with much more scientific brains who have it covered. All the kinds of power to ya.

Just one quick thing though, about online conduct. I posted an article which made a little bit of fun of one science person’s thing they said. Mainly because I do not like when science is used as a tool to support perpetual inequalities, like science exists outside of the human world as untouchable facts in manner of God or similar. Science is made by humans and humans are flawed. Yes? Let us continue.

Also: philosophy is made by humans and humans are flawed. Still yes? Excellent.

There is no hierarchy of truth here. You cannot beat feminism with anything because it is not a true or false scenario. Also: feminism is made by humans and humans are flawed. Yes.

I don’t care about the words you know and I don’t care about how you’re using them to speak over me when I’ve told you I am not interested in anyone playing devil’s advocate, or investigating the merits of the article from a scientific perspective, or explaining to me about how I’ve read the article incorrectly. I know why I posted it and you’ve not changed my mind. Nor do you endear yourself to me in any way by explaining to me what feminism should be getting to the bottom of.

If you do not understand why I haven’t let you beat me with science or philosophy, all I will say is you’ve missed the point.

If you are offended that I am not speaking in hushed tones around you explaining the science to me, remember that I actually told you I wasn’t interested in what you were saying and you kept saying it and I also don’t care about your stupid feelings.

I don’t have much respect for philosophy when it’s bandied aboot on the Facebooks. I prefer to talk the way regular people talk when I talk on social media. It means anyone can join in.

And listen. I have no time for being educated on a better approach to feminism. Mine works really well, in fact it’s the best way of looking at things ever and I’m so not interested in having it challenged or changed. Thanks.

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