To people I hope to entertain and then annoy in 250 words

In this age of teeny tiny attention spans, we all look at things and decide how we feel about them in less than 5 seconds (I have literally pulled this stat from nowhere and I will not be challenged on it). It is my opinion that we should all accept this is a thing now and just start working harder on selling people on whatever we’re putting down that we’d like them to pick up.

Me personally? I am a fan of well-titled books and academic journal articles/dissertations. A friend sent me a book title recently that I enjoyed. It was “Barbara the Slut and other people”. I would read that, wouldn’t you read that? I would read that twice (or read the first half of it four times, depending on which part was about Barbara and which was about the other people).

I like the use of puns. I’d quite enjoy a research-based article about gluten free pasta to make use of the word ‘impasta’. I think we need to have a sense of humour about those oftentimes highbrow academic spaces, for if one is not able to laugh, then one should not be in charge of anything to do with other humans.

I digress. (Part of me always wants to say that and then leave it there).

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