To people who refuse to concede that Bieber is killing it lately

Nobody is more surprised than me that I am writing a post about Justin Bieber.

But listen to me when I say this: his 2015 album “Purpose” has really found itself a place in my regular listens. There’s some definite stuff going on. Musical stuff. It’s good.

Let me break it down for ya (much like Biebs breaks it down on several of his singles):

  1. What Do You Mean?

This one is about not knowing what someone means, and actively trying to figure it out using the tactics of questioning.

  1. Sorry

This one is about a breakup, I think. And Bieber knows he’s screwed up. He wants to know if it’s too late now to say sorry, and then he decides to just say sorry anyway (I getcha Biebs, it can’t hurt, can it?).

  1. Love Yourself

This one is about a girl who used to hang out with Bieber or whatever and doesn’t anymore and he’s just realised she was a bit of a dick and his mum didn’t even like her. And he’d just really like to make it clear that he’s not still secretly in love with her. Publicly, he’s making it clear publicly.

  1. Where Are U Now

This one is about Bieber trying to locate someone – Skrillex has come along to help.


They might be a bit silly, really, but they are the catchiest damn songs ever. Listen to all of them a bit. Listen to all of them a bit more.

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