Why don’t you care about my stupid feelings?

I don’t care about your stupid feelings is an opportunity for anyone to free themselves from being nice about stuff that annoys them; things we care about saying more than we care about what other people think about it. Too many deep breaths and counts to ten have been taken in 2015. It’s time for charming rants of no more than 250 words. It’s time for slightly irate rhetorical questions to be thrust into the universe.

Everything is invited: the big stuff, the little stuff. Be sassy. Be witty. Don’t be offensive or gross about it – I reserve the right to moderate and respectfully suggest changes to language where appropriate.

Send your work to idcaysf@gmail.com – let me know if you want credit and glory (in the form of a byline) or anonymity.

One thought on “Why don’t you care about my stupid feelings?

  1. You probably didn’t mean for some of these to be funny- but they were; funny and very interesting. I like your posts. Don’t stop posting, my dude.


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