To daylight savings jetlag, which is a thing.

I guess I might be feeling a little precious because I just had a great weekend away, and Home Town is falling short in comparison to the Big City Lights I was lucky enough to visit, but fuck that daylight savings jetlag, ok.

We’re one week into daylight savings time here in NSW, which means early starts are back in the dark, and you get home and yeah sure maybe a chance to sit and think deeply on the back deck doesn’t completely suck, but I tell you what, popping over the border to a non-subscriber to AEDT and back again completely ruins Christmas.

On the way: already excited for a holiday, tunes playing, good company, intermittent excellent chats – sure, an extra hour, hit me with it.

Upon returning: goodbyes and melancholy, threat of rain, ran over a lizard (not vegan), impending Workday and other realities, now they want my hour back?!

I am bereft of time. I am lacking in the 60 minutes I had counted upon for a cup of tea and a good book. I was not adequately prepared for this.

This morning it was 6.30am far too early for my liking. I got a taste of the good life, where 6.30am waited an extra hour before nudging me awake. It was so nice, you guys.

Everything is difficult and no-one told me life was going to be this way.

To people who struggle with indicators

Hey friend,

(This is as close as I get to road rage – I’ll be shouting the URL for this rant out my window at you, and if we’re very lucky all you’ll hear is ‘stupid’.)

I know there’s a lot of things going on when you’re driving a car. There’s possibly gears to change, and sometimes you’re going to be driving by distractions such as rainbows or two kids on each other’s shoulders wearing a trench coat, and there’s other cars on the road too. It’s tough. I get it.

There’s a simple rule of the road I want to share that I think will be handy: I do not know where you are driving to and I therefore do not know when you will need to make a turn to get there. Maybe you will make a series of turns to get there. I don’t mind. I’m open to it. More power (steering) to ya. But for the love of my brakes and my over-stimulated adrenaline muscle, or whatever it is, please use your indicators. Going to turn left? By all means, be my guest. Going to turn right? I’m also ok with that, although have you thought about keeping left? #politics

I would like you please to indicate with your blinky orange light what your plans are in the near to very-near future about your turns. This way I will not run into you and you and I will never need to meet in person. This way I will keep all my bits of headlight in one smooth bit, as God and Nature intended.

While we’re here: if you’re not going to be turning, no need for an indicator at all. It’s fine. Put that shit away. You bloody idiot.